Welcome to job finding service - Philaris


Philaris company engages the services of employment of workers of different profiles and expertise. We take the administrative role as well as the responsibility for both the employer and the candidate as a taxpayer.


We adapt to the needs of our clients. We offer a large number of vacancies, enrollment in the PHILARIS candidate database, administrative assistance and support in applying for and employment.


Our goal is to help everyone who comes in contact with our company. Our responsibility is your workplace. You can send us your applications via E-mail or by enrolling in our database . Feel free to contact us!

About Us

PHILARIS is based in Lingen, characterized by our expertise and ability in providing the highest level services in the field of employment. Especially take care of the people who first come to Germany in search for a job. Help with accommodation, adaptation and learning languages. Many large companies are our clients and with them we have many years of cooperation. Philaris is the name of trust.